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Life began in Adrar many years ago, as evidenced by the antiquities scattered across its parts and the geographical and human characteristics that distinguish it, including: the petrified forests of Olf, the rock inscriptions in Ain, Lan and Timiaween, the writings of Tifinagh and others…, as the region mentioned in the books of travelers and historians such as Al-Bakri and Al-Idrisi, Ibn Battuta and the sense of Wazzan Granada, and Leon the African.

It has undergone drastic changes so that it has become a dry area due to the scarcity of rain and the high temperature. The Berber Berbers settled from Gitul and Zenata in Adrar, due to its location that serves trade between the regions of the Sahara Desert, Africa and the Ksour region. After that, agriculture and livestock farming developed with the presence of the Zenat tribes, and trade flourished between the caravans, the tribes of the palaces, the Bedouins and the Sudan, and this is what made them come into contact with diverse cultures and peoples, especially Arabs, Berbers and Muslims. This left its touches in this region, so that sciences and knowledge spread, and it became a beacon of radiant biography, and its destination was the honorable Saguia al-Hamra and Andalusia, and scholars from the Algerian Maghreb, such as Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Mughili. The Hilalites flocked to the areas of Touat, Tideklet and Qourara, and they acquired distinct urban, spiritual and scientific characteristics.

State submission

Adrar is one of the beautiful desert masterpieces in all its vocabulary, with its distinguished geographical location and climate, with its natural and archaeological treasures, and its cultural and heritage heritage, which makes its tourism qualifications very diverse.

Geographical location

The state of Adrar is located 1500 km far south-west of Algeria, bordered to the north by the state of El Bayadh, to the north-east by the state of Ghardaia, to the northwest by the state of Bechar, to the west by the state of Tindouf, to the south by the state of Mali, to the south-east by the state of Tamanrasset, from the south-west of the Republic Mauritanian Arabic.


The state of Adrar has an attractive and distinct tourist nature, which makes it rich and diverse with tourist qualifications, where the visitor finds everything that is exciting and rare.





Traditional Handicraft

The state of Adrar is famous for its rich and diverse traditional industry, and it is considered masterpieces of great beauty.


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